A Wide Range Of Real Estate Services

Our primary goal is to ensure you receive the correct advice and support in your commercial real estate transactions.

Application OnePersonalized Real Estate Consulting

We provide consulting in various areas of commercial asset purchases, including drafting and reviewing purchase or sale agreements, land use, planning and zoning, environmental law compliance and liability issues.

Legal Advice

real estate attorney provides legal advice that facilitates the complex process of buying and selling a home. A real estate attorney creates and records documents on behalf of clients, verifies adjustments, modifies the terms of contracts and agreements, and negotiates the terms of purchase and sale agreements. 

Duties of real estate attorneys

Real estate attorneys advise on property management, zoning violations, deeds and restrictions, property taxes, and estimated value. They assist with real estate transfers, including buying and selling. They help clients deal with rental property legal issues and defend the rights of landlords and tenants. Lawyers help clients carry out real estate transactions and deal with different problems. These include homes lived in, proof of ownership, real estate structures, and illegal units or attachments. They cooperate with investors, brokers, real estate developers and other lawyers to do this.

Real Estate Lawyer Responsibilities

They draft documents such as financial and rental contracts, leases and deeds for conveyancing transactions or higher-priced purchases.

They also offer legal advice and transaction review. This is called due diligence and involves a review of the real estate's sales price history, building code compliance, lease terms, etc.

Some attorneys represent financial institutions, while others represent debtors in deed of trust and foreclosure cases.

The court is not involved in trust deed foreclosures, and the financial establishment is the beneficiary.

When the trustor or borrower cannot continue making payments, the trustee may be authorized to sell the property. A Notice of Noncompliance is issued.

The attorney files a lawsuit, provides legal advice, and represents parties in court in foreclosure cases.

Mortgage law

Mortgages IRPH (Mortgage Loan Reference Index)

The IRPH is one of the indicators used by different financial entities to update the interest rate of their clients' variable rate mortgages, which represents a direct violation of the Law of Consumers and Users.

Multicurrency mortgages

This complex product is aimed at individuals with high financial knowledge to know how this type of product operates in the market.

Real estate legal services

At our law firm, we offer legal defence in real estate litigation to protect the interests and rights of our clients in any legal dispute related to real estate. 


Real estate contracts

Buying a home in Singapore or any other property, such as a premises, a piece of land or a building, is, without a doubt, one of the largest investments that most people make throughout their lives, so it is a decision of great importance for the personal and family economy.


Real estate purchase and sale contracts

The contract for the sale of a property is the document in which the property owner is obliged to transmit it to the buyer in exchange for a fixed price. A bilateral and consensual legal agreement where the will of both parties is required so that the operation and transfer of the property can take place.



In the current context, in which homes are no longer considered a family investment, a bad economic streak can mean that the bank wants to seize the house to foreclose on the mortgage. In these cases, lawyers specializing in evictions, such as those at Design Society, can help you determine if your mortgage has abusive clauses since the bank's eviction action could be invalidated.

Contract management

All companies have to manage different types of contracts, whether internally (employment contracts), with suppliers or clients.