Thoughts from the New Exco

We are honoured to have the opportunity to lead The Design Society. It is a heavy responsibility for us to build upon what the previous Exco has achieved. We will continue in their good work of establishing the Society and solidifying its position as a platform for the betterment of Applied Graphic Design in Singapore. We will also continue to provide and extend a base for connecting and building relationships amongst designers as we together work towards tightening the design fraternity.
The Design Society Singapore Executive Committee
The Design Society is dedicated to the goal of raising the general standard of design in Singapore. We focus on Applied Graphic Design and its contributions to Singapore visual culture and society. We hope to connect with and inspire local designers and engage the public through greater understanding and appreciation for good design.

Vision / Mission

Document and Archive

Document & Archive

Appreciation of our design history must begin with a keen effort to catalogue significant works and their authors. We will start off with a digital archive, collecting and compiling culturally relevant, historical and important works. In time, we believe sufficient content can be amassed to start a Museum of Modern Design as a depository and activity hub for seminars, exhibitions and workshops.

Promote and Educate

Promote & Educate

We hope to address the current lack of discourse on the state of Singapore design through the publication of a periodical and a more comprehensive website. Our focus should include academic writings, interviews, research, and the collection of information and artworks. We will also hold conferences, talks, seminars, roadshows or any relevant activities that can help us engage with more designers or the public in our bid to better local design.

Celebrate & Recognize

Celebrate & Recognize

Besides collecting and archiving works, we also seek to showcase local designers via our various platforms, from publications to conferences to our website which will allow us to feature, interview, highlight more designers and students as we seek to be more inclusive.

Community & Outreach

Community & Outreach

Locally, we will strive to establish a steady network and community within our industry; we hope to outreach and connect with even more designers and students as we work towards building a stronger Design Society. And with greater connectedness, designers can participate in local, regional and international design and cultural activities. The Society will be a bridge for Singapore design by initiating dialogue and exchanges with the worldwide design community.