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Real estate law advisory

Grow with your current clients in mind.

Singapore has seen an explosion in residential real estate development driven by population growth and the area’s economic strength.

Our clients include residential project developers, as well as residential contractors, lenders and brokers. Our title division is headed by a real estate attorney and is staffed by paralegals who handle a high volume of monthly residential real estate closings. Our real estate attorneys also represent individuals in purchasing and selling personal residences.

Additionally, homeowners and condominium associations look to our real estate attorneys for guidance and counsel in the operation of these residential associations.

Mortgage Financing

Both local and out-of-state lenders turn to us for representation regarding residential and commercial lending transactions. We work with our lender clients from the initial loan commitment to closing and post-closing follow-up. As an agent for several title insurers, we can provide the title insurance required in a loan transaction.

Our experience includes construction and permanent financing, land acquisition loans, revolving credit and loan training negotiations. We also handle foreclosures.

Commercial lease

Negotiating and preparing commercial contracts is an increasingly important area of ​​our business and the practice of real estate law. A well-negotiated and unambiguous lease agreement is crucial for most businesses that use leased offices, shops or other facilities as a vital component of a business operation.

Our real estate attorneys take the time to understand your needs and assist you in negotiating the terms and conditions of a commercial lease. Likewise, our representation of landlords recognizes that leasing represents the income generated by the value of an office, commercial or industrial building.

Our goal in representing our landlord clients is to maximize this value while recognizing the dynamic nature of lease negotiation. We represent developers of regional office parks, local service centres, industrial warehouses and shopping centres.

Advice and Representation of Real Estate in Singapore

Legal framework of our clients

We offer specialized advice on financing real estate projects to help our clients obtain the necessary financing for their construction or real estate acquisition projects. Our real estate attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in this area of ​​law and are committed to providing personalized and effective solutions for each of our clients.

At Design Society, we have a Real Estate Department of Lawyers and Real Estate Brokers to advise you on purchasing or selling a property. We represent and protect the interests within the legal framework of our clients in the purchase or sale of a property. Before purchasing a property, count on a Real Estate Specialist Lawyer in Singapore who will allow you to give you an efficient approach to managing real estate procedures.

  • We provide real estate services in the following ways
  • Banking advice for mortgage financing, among others. 
  • Advice on the development of real estate projects.
  • Advice on procedures before public service companies

Risk managed by the legal service

The risks managed by the legal department may vary depending on the company’s sector of activity.

Legal advice 85%
Active Search 90%
Property Agent 95%

Lawyers specializing in real estate law

At Design Society, lawyers specializing in real estate law and real estate in Singapore, we provide legal services in real estate and real estate matters, analyzing, designing, evaluating and implementing efficient legal solutions for our clients in the real estate sector. Resolving and, where appropriate, mitigating the risks and problems that may arise in real estate operations.


As lawyers specializing in real estate law, we advise you from selling, purchasing or financing a personal residence to acquiring, permitting, regularising, constructing and leasing a commercial real estate project. Our real estate law attorneys will be your guide through the legal processes in a timely and efficient manner. 


Whether you are an owner or tenant, a buyer or seller, a lender or borrower, or a real estate developer, our law firm specialises in real estate law and provides you with quality legal representation and personalized attention.


As real estate lawyers, we know that real estate law is a specific ​​law practice that mainly regulates real estate transactions. It is a booming field arising from the increase in the real estate market’s importance and the situations it poses between the parties involved.

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